MV Accounting

Accounting and Payroll Service

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Tax service

  • VAT registration and preparation of monthly VAT tax returns. Consultations on Bulgarian VAT legislation ,VAT
    applicable in Bulgaria;

  • Tax planning and assessing of residents' current corporate tax, income tax due date as well as annual tax assessment in connection with the year-end closure of accounts and annual income tax return;

  • Completion of company year-end financial statement and ongoing tax planning in relation with Corporation tax.
    Submission with the required company documents Tax Authorities ;

  • Assistance to residents for tax on self assessment , social security tax brackets, due date for income tax and annual tax return for individuals;

  • Representation as a tax agent to Taxes Authorities of non-residents for withholding taxes and taxes on dividends, submission of non-resident tax returns, income tax on foreign income, payment of tax on income from shares
    and income tax on dividends;

  • Preparation of Annual Tax Declaration for Individuals;